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Welcome to the Crosby Middle School Astronomy Club. Feel free to explore.
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Welcome to the Crosby Middle School
Eric Timerding, sponsor


CMS Astronomers,

We all have been watching the weather predictions for this Friday evening with the hope of clear skies. I have not given up on tomorrow evening. However, the prediction at this time is for mostly cloudy skies tomorrow and increasing clouds over night. That, coupled with the amount of rain have had over the past few days, makes me feel it would be best to pull our meeting back to Crosby Middle School. 

With that in mind, I wanted to ask for the following adjustments in your presentations. Please prepare to present inside using the computer.  Unfortunately, my Windows-based computer’s hard drive has crashed and it is in the process of being re-imaged. Hopefully, it will be up and running with the planetarium program. In the mean time, my Macintosh computer will access the interned, as well as be useful for PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. If you can put together a short presentation with links to images or videos from the internet and information you have typed into slides, you should be able to do viable presentations for the meeting indoors. Please load your presentation on a flash drive. 

Those students and their families who have volunteered to present this month include:
  • BB and JB - Constellation Leo. 
  • RB - Constellation Bootes
  • TD - Constellation Orion
  • AR - Planet Jupiter
  • CS - Presentation (from last meeting) 
  • SR - Constellation Taurus 
Thank you to everyone for preparing to present.  I look forward to your presentations at tomorrow’s meeting.  We will meet beginning at 8:00 PM in the media center at Crosby Middle School. 

  • If you are not receiving direct emails from me regarding specifics of time and place, please let me know during the meeting or give your student a letter with your email address clearly written so I may add you to the e-mailing list. 

Clear Skies!
Eric F. Timerding

NOTE: If there is a weather event that cancels school for the entire day, or causes an early dismissal, all JCPS evening events are also cancelled.  


Matthew Parris, former NASA test engineer, visited the Crosby Middle School Astronomy Club on December 5th, 2014. He spoke to students and their families about his NASA career being responsible for ensuring experiments from around the world functioned properly prior to being sent to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the Space Shuttle. He used videos about the space shuttle and personal pictures from his time working for NASA to teach students about space flight, how objects above the earth remain in orbit, how experiments for the ISS are prepared and stored for space flight, and how living in space affects humans. Mr. Parris is a graduate of Eastern High School and the University of Louisville, J.B. Speed School of Engineering. 

See pictures in the photos section below. 


Welcome to the Crosby Middle School Astronomy Club. Our goal is to introduce students and their families to the wonders of the night sky and to provide opportunities to learn about space. Meetings are held on Friday evenings once or twice each month throughout the school year. Activities include observing the night sky with the unaided eye, binoculars and telescopes (There are telescopes and binoculars available for student use.); indoor activities that support the middle-level study of astronomy and aid the student to know what to look for and how to find objects; becoming familiar with astronomy sites on the internet; visiting the planetarium; learning to keep a log of observations; presentations by outside personnel from various local Astronomy Clubs; and linking with other local astronomy clubs for special observation sessions.

 Since astronomy is an activity which is conducted at night in the dark, and since safety is of utmost importance, parents need to personally accompany their students or appoint a responsible adult in their place. Several Astronomy Club members may come to meetings with one adult who will be responsible for them. However, students should arrange this prior to each meeting to avoid confusion. Astronomy is a family affair. Brothers and sisters of Astronomy Club members are encouraged to join the student and their parents.

Secrets of the Sun - History Channel
Space School - THE SUN
Space School - MERCURY
Space School - VENUS
Space School - EARTH
Space School - THE MOON
Space School - MARS
Space School - JUPITER
Space School - SATURN
Space School - URANUS
Space School - NEPTUNE
Space School - PLUTO
Space School - SOLAR SYSTEM
Space School - MILKY WAY
Gustav Holst - THE PLANETS
Jupiter Sounds NASA Voyager Mission
Monster Black Holes - HISTORY CHANNEL
Travel inside a Black Hole
The Solar System (Music and Images)
How a Radiometer Works
How do Satellites Get and Stay in Orbit
Why Are Astronauts Weightless?
Milky Way versus Andromeda
Einstein's Theory of Relativity Made Easy
Space and Time, Space and Light
Star Birth, Life and Death 

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