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St. Thomas Aquinas Parish School develops students to be disciples of Jesus Christ by learning, sharing and living the Love of God.
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  The children came up with 69 "R" words.  Really good!  The story was "Racing Raccoon".  The children made paper bag raccoon puppets and rock buddies.  Thanks Holly for coming up with the idea!  The class learned their first math problem while learning about rainbows, sun + rain = rainbow.  The children made paper plate rainbows to remember the recipe to make a rainbow.  Did anyone happen to see the rainbow on Tuesday?  On Tuesday instead of going to the computer lab we took our class i-pad and read an interactive story on the Promethean board.  The children learned how to spell seventeen, write the number 17, and graphed 17 circles.

 Next week the class will be very busy getting ready for Easter, the letter will be "E" and the number 18.  4-K will be attending Mass on Wednesday next week.


The class came up with 144 "B" words.  Beautiful!!  The children earned a free show and tell on Thursday!  The story this week was "B.B. Bunny".  The children made butterflies, a bug mobile, and bugs to hang in their windows.  The class had a lot of fun playing in the gym with bouncy balls and balloons.  In the computer lab the children played color, shape, alphabet, and number bingo.  The children graphed 16 stars, leaned to write the number 16, and spell sixteen.  The classroom is in need of some more disinfecting wipes.

 Next week is the letter R and number 17.  


 What a week we had!!  The children came up with 22 "U" words and 20 "Q" words.  Unbelievable!  Quite good!!  The story was "Ug Ug's Umbrella" and "Quacky Quacker".  On Tuesday the children worked on number recognition in the computer lab.  The class graphed 15 carrots this week, learned how to spell fifteen, and write the number 15.  They made flowers for the Q & U wedding and umbrellas for the front doors.   Thursdays wedding was a success!  The children did a fantastic job during the ceremony and had fun dancing!  Thank you to all the parents and grandparents for attending, Mrs. Peterson for helping out, Mrs. Martin our wedding photographer, Ms. Kim for making the delicious cake, Mrs. Meinholz for the cups, napkins, and plates.  We can not forget the Kindergarten class and Mrs. Applebee, thank you for joining us and dancing with us!!  I could not have done it without everyones help!  A big thanks to all!

 Next week is the Letter: B and Number: 16.  Monday will be Brewer Day, the children may wear their Milwaukee Brewer attire for opening day!!


 The children came up with 181 "S" words.  Super!!!  The story was "Slippery Snake".  Monday was St. Patricks day!  The children made leprechaun hats and played Shamrock bingo.  Thank you Mrs. Peterson for helping out in the classroom that day and making the bingo game for us!!  I am sorry to say we did not catch Lucky the leprechaun and become rich.  He tricked us and put a stuffed leprechaun in the trap and left us pencils and chocolate coins.  He also wrote a note on the board that said, "Did not catch me!  Better luck next time!" 

 The class made silhoutte shadows, they are hanging up in the hallway.  Can you guess which one is your child's?  In the computer lab the children placed items in number order 1-10 and counted balloons 1-20.  Wednesday we went to the Kindergarten classroom for a play date.  Mrs. Applebee read them a story called "I Am Special".  Their Kindergarten friends helped them to cut out and decorate a cross. Thursday was the first day of Spring, we finally were able to go outside and play!!  The children learned how to spell the number fourteen, write the number 14, and graphed 14 pieces of broccoli.

I am happy to report that the 4-K class now has an ipad for the classroom!  The children have just begun to play educational games on it and Mrs. Michalik is still learning how to use it.  I am hoping to use it more and more in the classroom for music, stories, and educational games.

 Next week is the letters Q & U and the number 15.  The Q & U wedding will be on Thursday at 10:15 in the School Hall.

 Monday is St. Patricks day!  The Kindergarten class lost Lucky the Leprechaun and he has been destroying their room all week!!  The 4-K came up with a plan to trap him, take his gold, and share it with the Kindergarteners!  The class made a trap by decorating a shoe box with glitter and gems, then we put fake gold under the box along with a pencil on a string.  Hopefully the Leprechaun will take the gold and trap himself in the box!!  

 Next week is the letter S and number 14.  Wednesday we will have a play date with Kindergarten.

MORNING DROP OFF: Unless your child is arriving late, after 7:30 AM, they should be dropped off in front of the church not the school.  Busses need to get in to drop students off and it is a safety issue. Thank you for your cooperation!

 Please make sure your child has a pair of shoes to wear in the classroom.  The wet boots need to stay in the hallway outside the classroom.

Lunch Menu
If your child participates in hot lunch, please go to Mrs. Fehler's classpage and sign up "to be notified".  You will then receive e-mails regarding changes in the lunch menu and clean out the fridge options.  http://yourclasspage.com/2625342265/jfehler.html 

SCHOOL CALENDAR: Keep up with our school’s events with our fun online calendar: www.saintthomaswaterford.org/all-calendars.cfm Ex: Parent Night, Autumn Gala, etc.

Anyone wishing to volunteer in the school or go on a field trip must attend a 'Safeguarding' class.

You only need to attend this class once.

Safeguarding all of God’s Children class registration information.


1.        Go to www.arhcmil.org

2.        Scroll down on the right side of the page to Promise to Protect, Pledge to Heal and find the “Safeguarding All of God’s Family” (in blue) and click on it.

3.        On the right side under Safeguarding All of God’s Family, click on ”events”

4.        There is a list of all the events being offered by month. Be sure the month is in the month you are looking for an event.

5.        Find the Place and date that you want to attend – on the far right side of the event place is a blue register button – click on it and follow the on screen directions to register.



Parents of the extended care children:  Please remember to sign your child out when you pick them up and to sign the sheet on Thursdays.

 REMINDER: When dropping off your child, please park in the angle parking lot.  We need to work together to keep our 4-K children safe.

         Just a reminder class starts at 8:00 with the children doing worksheets or other learning activities.  If a child does not complete the work during this time, the teachers need to find time during work time to complete the activity.  This does interfere with the planned projects and the child's planning time. As parents please have your child in the classroom by 8:00 so they have time to finish their work.  Homework is due on Wednesdays and Show & Tell is Thursdays.


Scholastic Orders can be made at scholastic.com/bookclubs  

The class activation code is: H3ZGG

Together, we can help your child grow and learn through the school year.  Please feel free to talk to me after class or e-mail me at:

Thursday, April 17th - Early Release 11:15

Friday, April 18th - Good Friday

Sunday, April 20th - Easter

Monday, April 21st - Easter Break Begins

Monday, April 28th - Return to School

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