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St. Thomas Aquinas Parish School develops students to be disciples of Jesus Christ by learning, sharing and living the Love of God.
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MORNING DROP OFF: When dropping off your children please park in the angled parking lot and walk your child down to the classroom.  I would prefer that the children arrive in the classroom starting at 7:30 every morning.  Class starts at 8:00 with the children doing worksheets or other learning activities.  If a child does not complete the work during this time, the teachers need to find time during work time to complete the activity.  This does interfere with the planned projects and the child's planning time. As parents please have your child in the classroom by 8:00 so they have time to finish their work. 

Homework is due on Wednesdays and Show & Tell is Thursdays.

Mass: The 4-K class will attend Mass every 1st and 3rd. Thursday of the month.  Your child needs to be in the classroom at 7:30 on these days.

P.E.:  The class will participate in Physical Education every Wednesday.  Please make sure your child has tennis shoes for gym class.

Computer Lab:  The children will be going to the Computer Lab every Tuesday.  Please purchase headphones for your children for this class.

 The 4-K class learned about the colors blue and purple, they learned to spell the colors, say the colors in sign language and spanish.  They finger painted on bubble wrap to make blue whales for the ocean bulletin board.  The children mixed blue and red to make the color purple to paint an octopus for the board too.  The other classes had MAPS testing so we were unable to go to the computer lab this week instead the children played a color game on the classroom ipad. During Physical Education they played the "Popcorn Game" with Mr. Pip.  We did movement songs in the classroom; Animal Action and Bop Until You Drop.  The children did super job at church on Thursday, they all received a "caught ya being good"!  Today was the last day for book orders, if you did not turn in an order and still want to order please go to the website.

 Friday is the first Parish fish fry.  Take a day off from cooking and enjoy a delicious fish fry! Sunday is the family mass at 10:00, hope to see all of you there.

 Next week is the colors yellow and orange.  The first day of Autumn is Tuesday, watch for some beautiful fall artwork your child will make!

 This week the children learned about the color red and pink, they learned how to say red and pink in Spanish and Sign Language.  They also learned how to spell the colors by singing a song (the songs are in their ABC Book).  The children mixed colors to find out how to make pink.  They learned red + white = pink, their first math problem!!  On Monday we sang "Happy Birthday" to Mother Mary and had birthday cake for snack! In the computer lab they counted candles on a birthday cake and then had to find the correct number.  Some of the children were able to use the classroom i-pad to play a color game.  I will continue to use the i-pad during the week for learning games.  In Physical Education they played a version of musical chairs using colored Hoola Hoops.
 I sent home Scholastic order forms today with your child.  If you wish to order books you can either order on line or fill out the order form.  The book order is due on Thursday, September 18th.
 Next week the 4-K will learn about the colors blue and purple.  The class will be attending mass on Thursday with their 7th grade buddies.  

 Hope to see all of you tonight for the Parent Meeting.  It starts tonight in the church at 6:30.

 Another week that went very well!!  What a wonderful group of kids!!  This week we talked about how special they are and all about their families.  We discussed all of our differences and how God made each of us special.  The children learned about the Holy Family; Mary, Jesus, Joseph (Jesus' father on earth), and God (The Father of all) and they each shared about their own family.  Our family tree is really filling up!  If you have not brought in a picture of your family please do so we can put it up on our family tree.  Tuesday the class went to the computer lab and played matching games.  They all did a super job manipulating the mouse!  In P.E. on Wednesday, Mr. Pip played a chasing game. Our first Mass went pretty well, there are some things we need to work on but with more practice we will have it all down! 

 Next week Monday is our Blessed Mothers Birthday!  The class will celebrate with a birthday cake!!  The children will learn about the colors red and pink.  They will sign a song to learn how to spell r-e-d and p-i-n-k, say the colors in Sign Language and Spanish, along with science projects on what colors to mix together to make pink.  I will begin sending home the class "Book Bag", this bag will have books for you to read with your child that has to do with our lessons.  Please read the stories in the bag and return to school so it can go home with another family.

 The first two days of class were wonderful!  I hope your child had as much fun as I did!!  We talked about how to pray and practiced the sign of the cross.  Please continue to practice the sign of the cross with your child.  Each child received a Rosary that we will use during the religion lesson.  The children practiced cutting, putting a puzzle together, and writing their first name.  I was delighted to see how many could already write their name!!  

 Next week the class will talk about how special they are and their families.  Please send a family picture for the bulletin board with your child on Tuesday.  Tuesday the children will be going to the Computer Lab, if you have not turned in your money for the headphones please send it with your child on Tuesday.  Thursday we will be attending our first school mass with our 7th grade buddies.  Please have your child in the classroom at 7:30.  

SCHOOL CALENDAR: Keep up with our school’s events with our fun online calendar: www.saintthomaswaterford.org/all-calendars.cfm Ex: Parent Night, Autumn Gala, etc.

Anyone wishing to volunteer in the school or go on a field trip must attend a 'Safeguarding' class.

You only need to attend this class once.

Safeguarding all of God’s Children class registration information.


1.        Go to www.arhcmil.org

2.        Scroll down on the right side of the page to Promise to Protect, Pledge to Heal and find the “Safeguarding All of God’s Family” (in blue) and click on it.

3.        On the right side under Safeguarding All of God’s Family, click on ”events”

4.        There is a list of all the events being offered by month. Be sure the month is in the month you are looking for an event.

5.        Find the Place and date that you want to attend – on the far right side of the event place is a blue register button – click on it and follow the on screen directions to register.



Scholastic Orders can be made at scholastic.com/bookclubs  

The class activation code is: H3ZGG

Together, we can help your child grow and learn through the school year.  Please feel free to talk to me after class or e-mail me at:

Tuesday, August 26th - Back Pack Night

Wednesday, August 27th - First Day of School

Monday, September 1st - Labor Day/No School

Thursday, September 4th - Mass

Monday, September 8th - Blessed Mary's Birthday

Thursday, September 11th - "Back to School" Parent Night 6:30 in Church

Thursday, September 18th - Mass

Sunday, September 21st - Family Mass 10:00

Tuesday, September 23rd. - First Day of Autumn

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