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Mrs. Michelle Michalik
St. Thomas Aquinas Parish School

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St. Thomas Aquinas Parish School develops students to be disciples of Jesus Christ by learning, sharing and living the Love of God.
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MORNING DROP OFF: When dropping off your children please park in the angled parking lot and walk your child down to the classroom.  I would prefer that the children arrive in the classroom starting at 7:30 every morning.  Class starts at 8:00 with the children doing worksheets or other learning activities.  If a child does not complete the work during this time, the teachers need to find time during work time to complete the activity.  This does interfere with the planned projects and the child's planning time. As parents please have your child in the classroom by 8:00 so they have time to finish their work. 

Homework is due on Wednesdays and Show & Tell is Thursdays.

Mass: The 4-K class will attend Mass every 1st and 3rd. Thursday of the month.  Your child needs to be in the classroom at 7:30 on these days.

P.E.:  The class will participate in Physical Education every Wednesday.  Please make sure your child has tennis shoes for gym class.

Computer Lab:  The children will be going to the Computer Lab every Tuesday.  Please purchase headphones for your children for this class.

 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!  The 4K class had spooky fun all week!  They painted a mystery picture and made jack-o-lanterns.  Mrs. Michalik read her favorite Halloween book "Big Pumpkin".  The children danced to Halloween music, moved to "If Your Scary and You Know It", and went looking for Dracula!  In the computer lab they played a Halloween matching game and put together funny jack-o-lanterns.  The class, okay Mrs. Michalik because no one wanted to clean out the pumpkin :), carved out classroom pumpkin.  The children tried the roasted seeds from the pumpkin, there was a mixed reaction about liking them.  In Physical Education, Mr. Pip had the children throwing balls and jumping over a "snake". The Halloween party on Thursday was big hit!!  The children played pass the pumpkin, pin the eye on the monster, went looking for Dracula (again), played Halloween bingo and went trick or treating around the school.  Whew what a day!!  Thank you to all of the parents for the yummy snacks and a big thanks to Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Polster, and Mrs. Frost for helping us out during the party.
 Next week the 4K class will be talking about community helpers.  Mr. Miller will be coming in on Monday with his K9 partner Charlie to talk to the school. Our kitchen will turn into a grocery store.  If  you have any fun recyclables to stock out store please bring them in on Monday.  Wednesday the 4K class will be having a play date in Kindergarten!!
 See you all at conferences on Thursday!!

Student Council News for November
The student  council is asking for the following donations for the Food Pantry:
Gr. 4K-2 - please send Ramen noodles or Mac and Cheese.
Gr. 3-5 - please send a jar of peanut butter
Gr. 6-8 - please send a can of chili or soup

Our community service is Project Warm.  We are collecting warm winter clothing for children.  Clean out the closets and send us sweaters, jackets, hats, mittens and boots.  All clothing will be donated to the St. Vincent DePaul store in Waterford.

The special dress days for November are:

November 5 - School Spirit Day
Wear STA spirit wear or maroon and gold.

November 12 - Class Spirit Day
Each class will select a color to wear that day.

November 26 - Sports Day
Wear your favorite team jersey, sweatshirt or t-shirt.

 The 4K class learned all about the different shapes and the three dimensional shapes that go along with them (square/cube, circle/sphere, triangle/cone, and rectangle/cylinder).  In the computer lab the children helped the princess find her jewels that were the three dimensional shapes.  They all did very well on their homework this week and drawing the shapes!  On Thursday they went with their 7th grade buddies to the Church and did the Rosary.  
 Next week the class will have a spooky time getting ready for Halloween!!  The party will be on Thursday and there will be a snack list on the door for the party.
 The teachers are getting together Monday after school to put the Parent/Teachers conference schedule together.  Please hand in the form for the times you wish your conference to be.
A letter from the Student Council

The Student Council would like to remind you to send in a box of your favorite snack crackers for Food Pantry.  Our goal is to collect 93 boxes - one for each STA family.  Thank you for helping us meet our goal.

We will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week October 27th-31st to promote drug-free lifestyles, healthy choices and good character.  The Student Council has planned the following special dress days:

Monday, October 27 - Being drug free is NO SWEAT!
Students can wear sweatshirts and sweatpants to school.

Tuesday, October 28 - Drug Free, Healthy Choices and Good Character is Black and White.  Students wear only black or white clothing or a combination of both.

Wednesday, October 29 - Bullies and Drugs are Crazy!  Students wear mismatched or crazy clothing combinations or camo clothing.

Thursday, October 30 - United We Stand Against Bullies and Drugs.  Students wear their Sunday best for school.  Teachers will switch classes.  Mrs. Michalik will not be switching classes.

Friday, October 31
 Happy Birthday Father Gene!!  The class gave Father Gene a birthday card after Mass on Thursday. Be sure to wish him a blessed birthday when you see him on Sunday.  The 4K class reviewed all the colors they learned and Mrs. Michalik put together their "Color Book".  The children made a rainbow fish for the ocean bulletin board now it is complete!  A picture is posted in the photos take a look.  Thank you Rafael for telling us the Spanish words for all of the animals!!  The children also did "spin art" using their markers and a record player, they are hanging up above their cubbies.  In the computer lab the children categorized colors and played a color game.  In Phy Ed the class the children threw balls up in the air and tried to catch them.  The children did a wonderful job at Mass on Thursday, they are getting very good at their responses.
 St. Thomas is still collecting shoes, please donate gently worn shoes before next weekend.  I will be walking on Saturday along with my family.  If anyone would like to sponsor me please send money or a check by the end of the week.  100% of the funds raised will go back to St. Thomas for the scholarship fund.  Please donate so we can sponsor a family to send their child to this great school!  Next week the children will be learning about shapes and dimensional shapes.  Have a wonderful weekend!!

 What a busy week the 4K had!!  The children learned about the colors black/negro and gray/gris.  They learned how to spell the colors, say the colors in Spanish and Sign Language.  The class mixed the colors black/negro with the color white/blanco to make gray/gris.  The children colored an Orca whale and painted a gray dolphin for the ocean bulletin board.  Tuesday the whole school went to the parking lot to participate in the living rosary and a balloon launch.  You can view the launch on youtube at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kas6u8Z-_E.  In the computer lab the children colored fall pictures and placed costumes on figures.  Wednesday the class went to Swans Pumpkin Farm!  We went through a corn maze, sang songs, learned about different gourds and pumpkins, went on a hay ride, walked through corn city, fed goats, and picked out a pumpkin and a gourd to take home!  Wow what a day!! Thank you to all of the parents/grandparents that joined us for the day!  I hope you had as much fun as the kids did!!  The photos are posted at the bottom of the classpage.

 Next week the class will be reviewing the colors they have learned.  Thursday the 4K will be attending mass.

SCHOOL CALENDAR: Keep up with our school’s events with our fun online calendar: www.saintthomaswaterford.org/all-calendars.cfm Ex: Parent Night, Autumn Gala, etc.

Anyone wishing to volunteer in the school or go on a field trip must attend a 'Safeguarding' class.

You only need to attend this class once.

Safeguarding all of God’s Children class registration information.


1.        Go to www.arhcmil.org

2.        Scroll down on the right side of the page to Promise to Protect, Pledge to Heal and find the “Safeguarding All of God’s Family” (in blue) and click on it.

3.        On the right side under Safeguarding All of God’s Family, click on ”events”

4.        There is a list of all the events being offered by month. Be sure the month is in the month you are looking for an event.

5.        Find the Place and date that you want to attend – on the far right side of the event place is a blue register button – click on it and follow the on screen directions to register.



Scholastic Orders can be made at scholastic.com/bookclubs  

The class activation code is: H3ZGG

Together, we can help your child grow and learn through the school year.  Please feel free to talk to me after class or e-mail me at:

Monday, November 3rd - K9 Officer Visit

Wednesday, November 5th - Play Date in Kindergarten

Thursday, November 6th - Mass & Parent/Teacher Conferences

Saturday, November 8th - Autumn Gala

Thursday, November 20th - Mass

Thursday, November 27th - No School  Happy Thanksgiving

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Pumpkin Farm

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