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St. Thomas Aquinas Parish School develops students to be disciples of Jesus Christ by learning, sharing and living the Love of God.
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MORNING DROP OFF: When dropping off your children please park in the angled parking lot and walk your child down to the classroom.  I would prefer that the children arrive in the classroom starting at 7:30 every morning.  Class starts at 8:00 with the children doing worksheets or other learning activities.  If a child does not complete the work during this time, the teachers need to find time during work time to complete the activity.  This does interfere with the planned projects and the child's planning time. As parents please have your child in the classroom by 8:00 so they have time to finish their work. 

Homework is due on Wednesdays and Show & Tell is Thursdays.

Mass: The 4-K class will attend Mass every 1st and 3rd. Thursday of the month.  Your child needs to be in the classroom at 7:30 on these days.

P.E.:  The class will participate in Physical Education every Wednesday.  Please make sure your child has tennis shoes for gym class.

Computer Lab:  The children will be going to the Computer Lab every Tuesday.  Please purchase headphones for your children for this class.

 Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the families who joined us at McDonald’s for McTeacher Night.  We raised $825 for St. Thomas Home and School Association!!
 This week the students came up with 51 “N” words.  Nifty!!  The story was “Noisy Newt” and we read a story about Noah.  The children made Noah’s Ark, notebooks and necklaces.  In the computer lab the some of the students put numbers in order 1-100 and others matched numbers to objects.  In gym they had a race to match colored bean bags to the correct hoola hoops.  The children learned to write the 15, spell fifteen, and graphed fifteen carrots.

 The class will be attending the Live Stations of the Cross that our 7th grade buddies will be performing on Wednesday, April 1st instead of attending Mass on Thursday.  The letter will “E” and the number 16.

  The class came up with 92 “G” words.  Great!!  The story this week was “Goofy Ghost”.  On Monday we talked about what we would buy if we caught the leprechaun and became rich.  I received some wonderful answers of what they would buy; legos, a frozen kitty, a trip to Jamaica, Chicago, and of course Disneyland.  We set the trap, a net that looked like a rainbow with a pot of gold.  The students made rainbows to place around the room to attract him and they colored a picture of leprechauns so he thought they were stealing his gold.  Sadly we did not catch him and he made a huge mess in our room, put all the children on red, left us a note, and messed up our calendar numbers!!  He did leave us some gold but they were chocolate coins and a box of Lucky Charms.  The children graphed the marshmallows that were in the Lucky Charms.  Thank you Mr. Leprechaun!  In the computer lab we played St. Patrick day games and put puzzles together.  In gym the children did movement exercised on the mat.  Thursday was game day!!!  We played Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Hi-Ho Cherry-o, Fancy Nancy game, Boom Boom Balloon, and Topple.  Thank you to the parents that came to play with us!  The children had donuts after Mass to help celebrate the Solemnity of St. Joseph.  Thank you Mrs. T!  The 4K class also won a treat for having the most Caught You Being Good Tickets for the month of February, ice cream!!  Thank  you Mrs. Kaul!

 Saturday is the Wild Game Dinner.  Come and support St. Thomas’ sport program.  Next week is the letter “N” and the number 15.

 The children came up with 45 “K” words.  Kinda good!!! They learned that some of those words had a silent “K” like knight.  The story was “Kicky Kangaroo”.  The class learned about the Stations of the Cross and each child drew a station.  We used them to decorate our door for the Lenten Door Contest.  They did a fantastic job!!  I posted a photo with the pictures at the bottom of the page but it does not do it justice!  You will have to come take a look at it when you come for a fish fry Friday or the 8th grade Spaghetti Dinner on Sunday.  The children finished their number books and they were sent home this week.  We are still practicing graphing and learning how to write the numbers.  In the computer lab the children matched the numbers with the items 1-20.  In gym they played floor hockey with Mr. Pip.  Now that it is nicer outside it is easier to go and play.  The playground is muddy so please send boots with your child next week.

 Next week will be the letter “G” and number 14.  Remember to wear your green on Tuesday and Thursday is game day!! I will need 3 parent helpers to play games.
Sunday is the 8th grade Spaghetti Dinner, if you have not yet purchased tickets they are selling them at the door.  Come and support our 8th grade class!

 The students came up with 78 “H” words.  Hooray!!  The story this week was “Happy Hippo”.  The children made hanging handprint pictures and for homework they drew what they thought Heaven looks like.  It was wonderful to see how everyone pictures Heaven differently.  In the computer lab they matched words with their beginning letter both upper and lower case letters.  In gym the children worked on their fielding skills.  Just in time for baseball season!  Thursday we attended Mass and most of them received “Caught you Being Good” tickets.  It is my goal to have everyone receive a ticket for Mass.  You can help me with this by having your child participate in Mass on the weekends; kneeling, saying the responses, paying attention, and singing the songs that they know.  Working on this together, hopefully next week the whole class will receive a “Caught you Being Good” ticket.  The graphing is also a work in progress and something you may want to work on at home.  You can find all kinds of things around the house to graph.

 Next week is the letter K and number 13.

SCHOOL CALENDAR: Keep up with our school’s events with our fun online calendar: www.saintthomaswaterford.org/all-calendars.cfm Ex: Parent Night, Autumn Gala, etc.

Anyone wishing to volunteer in the school or go on a field trip must attend a 'Safeguarding' class.

You only need to attend this class once.

Safeguarding all of God’s Children class registration information.


1.        Go to www.arhcmil.org

2.        Scroll down on the right side of the page to Promise to Protect, Pledge to Heal and find the “Safeguarding All of God’s Family” (in blue) and click on it.

3.        On the right side under Safeguarding All of God’s Family, click on ”events”

4.        There is a list of all the events being offered by month. Be sure the month is in the month you are looking for an event.

5.        Find the Place and date that you want to attend – on the far right side of the event place is a blue register button – click on it and follow the on screen directions to register.



Scholastic Orders can be made at scholastic.com/bookclubs  

The class activation code is: H3ZGG

Together, we can help your child grow and learn through the school year.  Please feel free to talk to me after class or e-mail me at:

Thursday, March 5th - Mass

Sunday, March 15th - 8th Grade Spaghetti Dinner

Tuesday, March 17th - St. Patricks Day

Thursday, March 19th - Mass & Game Day

Friday, March 20th - End of the Quarter

Sunday, March 22nd - Wild Game Dinner

Sunday, March 29th - Palm Sunday

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